Robbie Klein

Project Manager

About Robbie:

Before coming to Graybach, Robbie worked for Fifth Third...and was actually introduced to Graybach by a colleague there. Since getting married in 2016, Robbie spends most of his time with his wife, Gina, and their fur baby, Izzy. Since Gina's dreams are now also his, Robbie does whatever she says (LOL).

In His Free Time:

No better time than now to chip away at the 'ole bucket list! Robbie frequently travels with his wife, all over the globe. His most recent adventure was Machu Picchu. He also stays busy with anything volleyball, beer, hiking, or fireball-related.

Fun Fact:

Robbie lived in Germany playing serious volleyball after college. Also, his Ohio State friends call him Bob, but in everyday life he goes by Robbie and never Rob. Perhaps more of a disturbing than fun fact, Robbie has a curious obsession with scrutinizing people's shoes.

Favorite Graybach Project:

Every job, since they all seem to be right by his dad's house.