Michelle Munchel

Assistant Project Manager

About Michelle:

Michelle is from the small town of Saint Leon Indiana, just west of Harrison, Ohio. She served as Graybach’s first co-op over the summer of 2018 and was eager to return to the team upon graduating from UC in May of 2019. Prior to joining Graybach, Michelle always held a strong interest in the construction world. From a young age, she often enjoyed building Legos with her older brother and later began copying projects she saw built on DIY network. Even today, one of her favorite places to shop is of course, Home Depot. She transformed her passion into her career choice and feels lucky to call the Graybach team her second family.

In Her Free Time:

Michelle enjoys planning trips and traveling with friends and family. When home, she enjoys anything creative such as playing guitar, drawing up construction renovation plans for friends and family, investing time in a good book or movie series, and occasionally helping her 5 year old niece build her Frozen Lego castle.

Fun Fact:

Michelle likes to host dance parties with her friends where they choreograph dances to early 2000s music. In some instances, they’ll bring out the inflatable T-Rex costume she has stowed away in her closet because, why not? “It gives the dance extra character.”

Favorite Graybach Project:

UC Edwards because it was the first project that she managed, and she enjoyed the familiarity she had going into the project as it tied into her UC roots. Go Bearcats!!