Ernest C.

About Ernie:

Ernest was born and bred in Middletown, Ohio, where he met his wife in high school and still lives happily married today. His professional experience runs the gamut, from dishwashing and painting to industrial sandblasting and installing multiple fueling facilities. He moved into a Superintendent role several years ago, and has since gained a wealth of knowledge about the construction industry. Working at Graybach gives him a daily challenge to exceed expectations, and working in Cincinnati allows him the opportunity to see old constructions transformed into new wonders.

In His Free Time:

He spends his free time wisely - relaxing with family, listening to his vinyl collection, and enjoying some good food and drinks.

Fun Fact:

Fun fact: One of his loves in life is music. He plays in a band called Diverse Union. They've been together since high school, and he sings and plays guitar. Yes, imagine that, Ernie the superintendent singing...

Favorite Graybach Project:

His favorite project so far is definitely the whole Globe building renovation from top to bottom: offices, Peoples Liberty space, French Crust Bistro.