Cari Vanderbilt


About Cari:

Cari came to Graybach in June 2018 with a background in construction, primarily HVAC and Mechanical Contracting. Her previous experience in accounting, HR and office coordination readied her for her position here at Graybach. "I love our group dynamic and the culture here!"

In Her Free Time:

She loves working with her hands and being creative. She loves trying new things and keeping herself busy - Cari's favorite place to be is in the garage in the summer, covered in paint and sawdust and working on the latest project. When she don’t have a paintbrush or a power tool in hand, she loves to spend time with her fiancé and three gentle giants: one yellow lab, one golden retriever and one black lab/border collie mix.

Fun Fact:

If you attended a Reds game between 2009 and 2013 and had the misfortune of not catching a t-shirt from the t-shirt cannon, Cari's most likely to blame. She was the captain of that fun little branch of the promotions team. (Sorry, she really tried to get to everyone.)

Favorite Graybach Project:

Really any of the historic renovation projects we’ve done. It was Graybach’s portfolio of work that sparked her interest in the company enough to want to work here. She grew up in Clifton near OTR, and it’s those types of revitalization efforts that she wants to be involved in. It’s been utterly amazing to see how Cincinnati has changed in the past 10 years!