[wpc_custom_heading heading=”Overview” colored_line=”yes” line_color=”primary” position=”left” size=”medium”]Project: Zula Bar & Gourmet Burgers
Location:   1438 Race Street / Cincinnati, OH 45202
Owner:  3CDC
Project Details: Interior Demolition & Renovation of Building into Restaurant
Project Value: $430,000
Completion: December 2015

[wpc_custom_heading heading=”About the Project” colored_line=”yes” line_color=”primary” position=”left” size=”medium”]In December 2015, Graybach completed the renovation and conversion of a historic building on Race Street in Over-the-Rhine into OTR’s newest upscale burger restaurant and bar, across the street from Taft’s Ale House. Graybach worked with 3CDC on this project, maintaining the integrity of the existing building while reflecting Zula’s branding and style in the new restaurant design.