[wpc_custom_heading heading=”Overview” colored_line=”yes” line_color=”primary” position=”left” size=”medium”]Client:  Jake Mahle & Kristin Woeste
Location:   Over-the-Rhine – Cincinnati, Ohio
Year Completed:   2016

[wpc_custom_heading heading=”About the Project” colored_line=”yes” line_color=”primary” position=”left” size=”medium”]In collaboration with Cincinnati-based Architects Plus, Graybach helped local homeowners convert a church that was forged decades ago from three separate buildings into a one-of-a-kind home. Graybach performed some interior demolition that gave them a better idea of what was under all of the renovated layers and helped them finalize the plans before the permitting process. Cincinnati-based Sol Design & Consulting teamed with Graybach and Architects Plus on each step of the project because the residence is seeking LEED Gold certification.