Cincinnati, OH, May 1, 2020 – Co-Founder Pete Subach of Graybach, LLC, a local general contracting and construction management company, was recently featured by the Cincinnati Business Courier in a supplement to their 2020 List of Largest General Contractors.

An excerpt from the Cincinnati Business Courier:

Pete Subach didn’t know he was starting a business in what would turn out to be the Great Recession.

But that’s exactly what happened when he and Tyson Grace came together to launch Graybach LLC, a West End-based general contractor. The co-owners’ expectations and overhead were low, and they were happy for any work they could get.

And they benefited by being able to pick up good employees who had been laid off at other companies during the recession.

“Companies were laying off amazing people and we scooped them up,” Subach said. “When the economy is good, people sit tight if they are happy with their job.”

Working through the Great Recession, and thriving coming out of it, is serving Graybach well as it handles the Covid-19 crisis. Subach said they are fiscally responsible, tend to spend less and pay cash more often.

“Limiting debt puts you in a lot better position to address curve balls like this,” Subach said.

Since construction is considered an essential business in Ohio, Graybach continues to work on multiple projects across the region. Currently, it’s working on a $5 million remodel for the Monroe Police Department, building a new fire station in West Chester Township and is constructing Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority’s Northside Transit Center. Coming in to 2020, Graybach had a backlog of about $35 million in work.

Subach said this year was shaping up to be a great one before the Covid-19 pandemic. So far, it hasn’t had an impact yet, as construction continues. Subach is more worried about the fourth quarter and into next year.

“It’s possible companies and organizations will hold on to money instead of spending it. I’m cautiously optimistic about the fourth quarter and first quarter of 2021,” Subach said.

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