Graybach LEEDs Green Building in Cincinnati

As one of the fastest-growing businesses in Cincinnati, Graybach is focused on integrating the newest technology into their building strategies. For residential business, that means staying abreast of eco-friendly developments in custom home building, from recycled materials and energy efficient appliances to erosion control and indoor air quality considerations. With several successful LEED-certified builds under their belt, Graybach will continue to expand their portfolio of green homes to promote environmentally responsible construction, innovative design, and their commitment to the future.

In the News

February 21, 2015: A design / build collaboration of both Graybach and Edward Wright of Wright Design, a LEED-Certified home in the Mt. Airy area of Cincinnati was recently featured on CLICK HERE to learn more about this project that was awarded LEED Gold.

Project LEED: A Closer Look

While many associate LEED with eco-friendly building, it takes a deep understanding of the intricacies of meeting the requirements of a LEED-certified project to truly appreciate the beauty of the finished product. CLICK HERE to learn more about one of Graybach’s recently completed LEED-certified custom homes.

Choosing the Best Green Building Products

In a sea of websites offering environmentally-friendly building materials and products, it is no easy task to choose the best ones for your needs. CLICK HERE for a list of some of the products and companies used by Graybach in their LEED building projects.

Taking Advantage of Local Green Initiatives

Most notably, the City of Cincinnati offers homeowners a 15-year property tax abatement for LEED-certified homes. CLICK HERE to learn more about this and other residential opportunities in Cincinnati.

LEED Resources

Trying to decide if LEED is right for you? CLICK HERE to explore a wealth of resources and learn everything there is to know about how LEED certification works, the benefits of building green, and how to get started.

If you’re ready to talk about your project and potential LEED certification, call Graybach at any time at 513.381.4868.