Cincinnati, OH, May 23, 2016 – Graybach, LLC, a local general contracting and construction management company, kicks off $2 Million renovation of historic Groesbeck Lodge at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

Newly added to the National Register of Historic Places, Groesbeck Lodge is a 10,000 square foot Tudor Revival Home nestled in the Cincinnati Nature Center in Milford. After sitting vacant for a decade, the Cincinnati Nature Center has commissioned Graybach and ArchitectsPlus for a full renovation – the updated building will be utilized for meetings, events, weddings, and as office space for the new Center for Conservation & Stewardship.

Graybach is general contractor overseeing renovation on the project and will be working closely with the architects and the Cincinnati Nature Center to ensure Groesbeck Lodge’s history remains intact and that the project is completed on schedule in Spring 2017.
This exciting renovation is the latest in Graybach’s diverse construction experience in preserving the history and rich architecture in Cincinnati. “We are thrilled to partner with the Cincinnati Nature Center to bring this historic landmark back to life,” said co-owner of Graybach, Pete Subach.

In a statement by Nora Wiley, managing partner at ArchitectsPlus, “It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to work on such a unique project. From its beginnings as a family cottage through its years of use as a children’s summer camp, and now becoming a Center for Conservation & Stewardship, this charming country home has continued to inspire and adapt over its nearly 100-year history.” Despite the significant costs and labor involved in renovating such a grand structure, it is less expensive than constructing a brand new Center for Conservation & Stewardship, and the value of the history and tradition it protects is priceless.

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