Graybach is a construction management company that helps you bring your building ideas to reality. From initial conception to final completion, we take pride in attention to detail and dedication to customer service. Put Graybach’s experience to work for you in the following areas:

General Contracting | Construction Management

  • Design | Build
  • New Construction
  • Remodels
  • Tenant Build-Outs
  • Demolition | Abatement
  • Maintenance

Pre-Construction Services

  • Feasibility Studies: Allow us to understand your ideas and suggest the best course of action
  • Estimating and Budgeting: Let us place value on your ideas
  • Value Engineering: Let us suggest cost-saving options
  • Design Ideas: Collaborate with preferred designers who can put your ideas on paper

Multi-Tenant Residential Complexes

  • LEED-Certification
  • Historic Renovation
  • Multi-Tenant Builds

Our Commitment to Safety

Graybach’s dedication to working safely at all times ensures minimal impact to teams, job sites, budget, and schedule.

  • Safety Audits & Reviews

    Graybach undergoes monthly third-party safety auditing, that is rotated to evaluate a different jobsite each month to pinpoint and address any potential safety issues. Additionally, extensive weekly safety reviews are performed by site Superintendents and recorded in ProCore to proactively curtail potential safety hazards.

  • Site-Specific Safety Programs

    Graybach takes extensive care to develop safety manuals that include information on what should be done in case of emergency on that jobsite (inclement weather, fire, etc.) as well as emergency and non-emergency contacts for that site and specific area. These comprehensive manuals also include the company’s safety manual, policies, and a library of forms for use in case of an accident/incident.

  • Preventative Safety Training

    Trainings are targeted to areas of opportunity that are identified in monthly safety audits or weekly safety reviews.

  • Drug-Free Safety Program

    All Graybach employees regularly participate in scheduled safety training and testing approved through State of Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation. Employees are also assigned fall protection PPE.